grand choix

Jessica, Helene, Nol, JB

Oh Paris, tu me manque. Le dernier soir a La Cigale m'a beaucoup touchee. Quel Chalheur. Merci tout le monde! Vraiment il me tarde de vous revoir!

Laurent a la basse!

 I was staying right in Pigalle, and so, before my flight i took a last stroll around my neighborhood. They had "hello kitty" in one sex shop.

Grand Choix, EVERYWHERE!

25 modeles of Poupees Gonflables!!! ooh la la!

Wasn't there a guy on the "Sopranos" named Pussy? I think he opened up a little club here.

There was a really sweet prostitute right at the corner of my the street of my hotel. She always seemed to be there. I hope business picks up for her.

Well i got home and went straight to my next show in Northampton. Luckily my best pals showed up to represent! This is Ronnie (she made the crow piece that's on the back of "The Works") and you rule, Pierre, Andrea and Allison.

Funny enough, right next to the Iron Horse??? A Lingerie store. could we say Northampton could be Pigalle's sister quartier??

pourquoi pas??

Natick tonight!! New York City Tuesday with the sexy BAND!!

Here we go!!!!


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