Two Days of Sun

After being blown back home on Saturday night, two different flights to Paris cancelled... I trekked back Sunday to try again. This time we sat at the gate for an hour and a half because one woman on the plane was having an anxiety attack, another couldn't stop vomiting, and no one seemed to be able to make the decision to get them the hell out of there so the other 300 of us could finally get to PARIS. These are situations where you are powerless but so wish you could just march up front and tell the damn gate agents what to do. My new BFF Bill,


(who works for Louis Vuitton, double ooh la la!) and I would have tried, but then, the irony would be that WE would have been gently taken off the plane and left stateside. In his defense, the pilot, (whose decision should have ruled) wanted the the sickos OFF.


Anyway, we made it. Paris. Gorgeous crisp Monday, the beauty and the squalor, much like coming into NYC from JFK.


Sometimes I can't believe New York is the "great city of the world" when I'm en route home from the airport. What a dump it is on first look. Paris too. garbage everywhere along the autoroute, people living in trash camps right along the breakdown lane.


My taxi driver was two months from his "retraite" and looking forward to getting OUT and moving to the very south of Spain. He blamed everything, I mean EVERYTHING on China.


And then, there we were, in full sunlit splendor. How does she do it?

coeur apres-midi


Turns out Gail is here playing with Christophe for two nights at "Cite de la Musique." So I got to go and hear an exquisite evening of one of France's most treasured gems.

I have to say, Gail was incredible too. She flew in Sunday, luckily her plane happened to be blessed, rehearsed for two days straight, right into the gig... it was deep. And she and Christophe were BOTH just riveting!


"tonight, tonight, tonight...."


even the entreacte was super

Gail and Zerkalo!


This morning, oh such luck, sun again.

coeur matin


On to rehearse with Ms. Nolwenn. Ca va etre super!!


Lille, et Paris, allons y!


("la cigale, ayant chante tout l'ete"......)


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