Home, and it's SPRING

No mishaps, no nasty connections, no missing guitars. It's a miracle. Hopefully that last blast of snow in Hamburg was winter's limp into the home stretch.



It is so nice to be home. The Prinzenbar was a really sweet way to sing out the tour. There were angels at large,


angels in the audience, and a great hang at our favorite place "Bullerei" after the show.


Even got to say hello to the chef!! (Johannes Strate, Tim Malzer, JB)


Johannes and his posse represented! Thank you thank you thank you Johannes and Patrick. J's new record is being released imminently. And it's burning up the charts. If you haven't already, check out "Revolverheld."


I had another super, albeit it COLD, visit with Balcony TV. We'll let you know when that airs. (meanwhile, the warm august appearance!)


And there's another "feels like home" concert coming on May 27. Philipp Poissel will be playing...


We toasted friendship, good wine, and music.

Patrick, Johannes' roommate and videographer


Tine from "Elbe Jazz" and the other Patrick.


JB and the lovely master of merch.


Ben, JB Luzie


Hamburg does feel like home. Happy spring.


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