Husband, Heathrow, Hell, oh Hamburg

My husband took the overnight flight last night, to be in Hamburg for this last gig, and fly home with me tomorrow. Love of my life.


But of course the Heathrow connection demons had to screw that up. He had supposedly ample time to make it to his flight from London to Hamburg. An hour and a half... 6:25 until 7:55 really ought to do it. But, of course NO. It's Heathrow. They cancelled him even though he had time, and now he's sitting there for three more hours. Who knows now if he will actually make it here in time for "Balcony TV" and the Prinzenbar load in/sound check. He may make it by the gig.


Oh, and true to the weather whimsy of this whole trip, it snowed about 6 inches in Hamburg last night. Come on, now, it's March 6!!


I walked around this morning. it's FREEZING. (god bless my new hat, AGAIN)


 poor birdie.


My band finally did get their suitcases and gear back a full 2 DAYS after Heathrow lost it. Rich said there was a tag on his that said "perfect delivery" WHAT??


In other news, I had a little visit and interview with my friend Angela Gobelin at NDR 1.


Her associate, Anton seems to be a big fan too


There's a big organ right in the lobby of their spanky new buildings


And you can listen to any show while you're waiting.


Yesterday I did a Skype blast with my brother Todd and his tiny school in Maine. They put me up on their "jumbotron" and all the kids crowded in...


They've been doing around the world whirlwind sessions to give the kids an idea what other people are doing in other places. So they wanted to know what I had for Breakfast, and what I was doing in Hamburg, and do you call people that live in Hamburg Hamburgers? And would I sing them a song? So I sang them "Taste of Danger" into my computer. We might do another Skype session next week from PARIS!  Ooh la la.


Hamburg has been treating me very kindly. I am not making much headway with my German, but there is a Berlitz right across the street from the hotel. It may just be time to at least learn some basics. The guy at the antique store just didn't like my sign language.


See you at the Prinzenbar.


How do you spell Chuss? tchiusse? tschooos?  ;) 


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