I know, I know blah blah Denmark


I just can't get enough of this place. Copenhagen just makes me happy. I love all the little kids walking around in these massively too big snow onesies. It's so smart. they're warm, even when they're bundled into those bicycle carts, and they are so bloody cute. 


I love how everything works. People obey the lights, even at three in the morning when there's not a car in sight? You wait until the green man says "go." I LOVE it.


Most people bicycle to work, or to wherever, even when the weather is crap.


I love this knitting store I happened across.

I think I got the story a little  crooked, but my new best friend told me that the Faroe Island yarn spinners just burned all their yarn because of some weird rule about sending it to the UK to be washed and OK'd before selling? And the danish yarn, the colors, Oh MY!!! LOVE.

I'ts called, "Bette Design" and it's Klosterstraede 20!!


And the brand spanking new Bikram yoga studio here? forget about it. it's off the hook beautiful. heated wood floors, gorgeous showers and changing rooms, Great teachers.... try it, your body will thank you.


I got to go to "Cafe Wilder" with my pal Teitur (he produced the gorgeous new Nolwenn Leroy record)

Ok we had some wine....

I got to see my beautiful photographer friend Linda Hansen. Of course she had to try my new hat.

She's the dreamy photographer.... who's taken so many of my very favorite photographs over the last ten years. Oh my.


We went to a great Thai place where they treated us like rock stars. And it WAS "Spicy Licious."


Last night I was invited to do the "Good Evening Denmark" Show. Well, even they were super cool, super sweet, super organized.

The woman on the show before me had a story that really was hard to follow though. Apparently, just yesterday morning she only had two teeth. frick and frack, her bottom eye teeth. Somehow during a marathon session, "presto" they implanted a whole mouthfull of gorgeous new choppers. And there she was on the show, to show them off. She said she wasn't in any pain at all!! How could that be possible?? Do they even have better pain killers here too?

So then I sang "Taste of Danger" and luckily didn't think of the irony until just now. Just go see your dentist if it's been a while, ok? Tell them I sent you!!

And can you believe, they have a place called "DOLLHOUSE" for the sexy time. They just think of everything!!

"What you don't know won't hurt you!!!"


for real.


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