All the Cheeky Monkeys

I've been working on new pseudo britishisms all week. "Cheeky Monkey" got me started when we got here, along with the Easy Jet "Speedy Boarder." Too funny when people surge to board the planes and all the  speedy boarders look down their noses at the poor sods who didn't pay the five quid extra to board first. bollocks!


Here are todays' faves. Saucy Kangaroo, Frisky Mongoose, Sexy Hedgerow, Naughty Panda, Dirty Bird.


Whiny Bastard should probably be in there somewhere too!


We started in Kendal with the band. They are sublime!! And it's Sooo lovely to have the extra oomph in the pocket!! My niece Ariel even came from Glasgow to check them out!


Then we drove through a blizzard. Yup, a BLIZZARD to Bristol, to the ever quirky beloved St. Bonaventure's Social Club.

Snowflakes the size of small children.... 


I forgot I was in a catholic establishment and so might have tweaked a few ears when I went on about Jill Sobule being the original best "I kissed a girl" girl.... (she's playing there in march) but all in good fun.

me and Gail at St. Bon's


Bush Hall was incredible 

sound check, bush hall


Graham, my valentine from Leicester was in fine form and left me a lovely gift at the foot of the microphone stand.


A leather whip. Oh my!! (I had been talking about my cheeky, saucy, naughty, circus girl character, and how much my dance days influenced the songs....) Then, after the break, he left me ANOTHER gift. a tiny sword.

Can't top that.

my favorite cheeky monkey Ariel


paul checking out Ben's guitar...


Onto Manchester. What a beautiful club. The crowd was small but dedicated. Some had driven great distances for which we are all super grateful!!

rich at the band on a wall.


Saucy Aussie, Ben Butler


WE finished our little UK sprint at Milton Keynes's ever beautiful Stables. Thanks to all our HUGE supporters there!! Vic and June, Nigel and Roz, we love you big time.


And Gail did a big interview with UK Bass player magazine. She'll be on the cover soon. !!!@#$%^& YAY


On to Denmark. We'll be there in the rain when the tent goes up!!


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