valentines in Leicester

My biggest fan in Leicester is named Graham. He brought me the sweetest Valentine, with his list of requests for the set list. So I did them all.



He also had every single thing I've ever done. Including posters.

Bowie, and.... is that Woody?? (Leicester, the WALL at the Musician)


Then Cambridge. what a gorgeous place the Junction is. Thanks all who were there. I had a lovely evening. And every one I met afterwards had a great story. God Bless the Brits!!


And that's quite a nice church you've got in town there...


The locals mentioned some scandal involving someone else named Brooke.....


But we've escaped in time to get to Kendal, beloved Kendal. I fell in love with the place last year. This is where my obsession with photographing sheep started. They're just so friggin' funny. (I am of course working on two sweaters as we speak!)


Anyway, the band made it safe and sound. We will rock the Brewery Arts Center tonight. Don't miss it!


cheers. Still got some chocolate left.


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