So sorry we couldn't pull off the Cork gig last night. Seems like people are just staying home, or else no one knew about it down here. Or both. Times are tough for all of us.


Meanwhile, this week's news. Got to see my beloved Bob Harris again at the BBC London.


I, for some reason, did three new songs. (I always get soooo nervous, but at least now that's done and I can start putting them in the set!) If you hear the flubs, pretend I did them on purpose.


Bob was, as ever, lovely, encyclopedic, fun... and I got to play deejay and play two of my favorite songs of all time. "Boxes" by Charlie Winston, and "Pray-er" by Gerry Leonard.


On to Dublin. Whelan's is still there,

that guy at the bar is still there. 


And the Irish just can't be beat!! Although, they still haven't figured out how to get HEAT into the dressing room. We had to huddle in one of the bathrooms as that was where the only heater was. We even turned on that blowy dryer thing to give it a little extra goose.


Somehow my travel agent talked me into a lovely hotel in Dunleary. I thought, oh well, how the hell far could that be, why not? Well.... it was FAR!! But I had a lovely walk out a long pier.


And, touch wood, there has actually been sun for three days in a row now. So I will tread lightly and not complain, so as not to jinx it.


secret passage in the rock.

Oh little birds.....


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