ok, so 2010 is officially now the year of NEW ZEAL


I got to do an incredibly fun photo shoot with my darling Sandrine Lee,

Cassie O'Sullivan was our fearless stylist. Such that in one day, I was a hairy behemoth, Lucille Balle, and a lost ballerina. pix soon.


Sandrine also had her first gallery opening on Thursday. BRAVO!

Sandrine and Will (yup, bass player on Letterman)


In other crazy news. Poor Poor Ayla Brown's dad (who just became the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts... Teddy must be crying in his grave) basically auctioned her off in his acceptance speech. She seemed to shuck it off bravely. I thought her little sister would explode.


Anyway, the point is, she's the one who was on American Idol and recorded my song "ten cent wings." What a wild degree of separation.


Now, here in Cannes, I'm rooting for the Jets, but also for Brett Favre, but also for Peyton Manning. Ok and a little bit for Drew Brees, but not as much. I put my name in all the lotteries i could to win a REAL NFL Jersey, right here in the south of FRANCE!!


OK, but  I'm really here to check to see what the future of music might be. (again) I learn something every time I'm here.


Now, the deal is that artists have to create their own APPS. Could involve cool video games, or just ways into complete access to whatever "content" we can dream up, which hopefully people will then pay for. Just when I was trying to warm up to twitter and all the other things we're supposed to be doing, I need my own APP. My husband and I spent a lot of the day making up dirty uses for the word.


Thank god for our friend Steven Stewart at NOKIA who is here with some great new APPS they've got. He is tireless and so full of good ideas it's really not funny one bit. THANK YOU STEVEN!!


Plus he always shows up with lovely gifties for me to play with. This year I got the fancy new NOKIA N97 Mini!!! Wheee, and some fancy NOKIA headphones to go with. We'll let you know what kind of gidgets and gadgets we're going to get up and running asap.


Meanwhile, nothing beats LIVE!!


For now, it's just so nice to be next to an ocean, any ocean, and to let a breath out, and breathe in some NEW ZEAL!! 

Oh yes we Cannes Cannes


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