my new york

"you got I.D?"


I had to run errands yesterday. Ballet tights for a photo shoot. (right back to my past. Oh the smell of new toe shoes, and the dread of early morning class.)


Thread for my new sewing machine! (It's true, I got one for Christmas!)


But I also finally felt like taking pictures again. It's been little minute. But New York, in all it's crazy finery, got me cracking up out loud again on Seventh Avenue.

Where else would you see a chihuaha holding down the store (honestly there were no people at ALL in that gem boutique)...


A green man handing out ambulance chaser lawyer leaflets while he plugged the yoghurt joint....


And Lady Liberty at the spy shop


In other news, my beloved Peter Eldridge turned fifty, and we partied like it was Paris at this lovely little restaurant "Les Sans Culottes" (would make a great song, and I'm sure it has!)

Lauren Kinhan, husband Rob, Petey Eldridge, Janis Siegel! wheeee


AND we had our first official SWANY get together. word is still out on what that should stand for, but it's a bunch of songwriter chicks basically hanging out with a bottle or two of wine and a couple new ideas.

Brooke Michaels, Kat Calvosa, JB, Kathleen Smith.


OK 2010, I'm finally ready.


bring on the trimmings

and the trappings, the artist and the art. 


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