time gone by

This week.... the TODAY show came to my yoga class. Ugggghh. I hope they didn't get me, lobster red, deflated, spent, raccoon eyed from leftover mascara. This is torture Bikram yoga, after all, not for the vain, or faint of heart. It is not one bit pretty.


Joe Sample has been at the Blue Note all week, so we got back to work on our musical.


Randy Crawford came to town and sat in with Joe, and again I was transported by the magic that she and Joe create together. When she nails those high "Street Life" refrains at the end - chills.


Then Anne Marie Milazzo came over to demo two of our new songs. Oh MY! You remember Annie from the "Live in New York" DVD. Well, she brought these new Joe/Jonatha songs to a whole new level. Annie did all the vocal arrangements for "Spring Awakening" and "Next to Normal."


I also flew to Boston to visit my mom. Our new tradition, our visit to SUPERCUTS. Dennis, we'll call him, took such good care of her. Of course she asked him every ten minutes, "Am I beautiful yet?" Then she'd whisper, "You know my mother would get stopped on the street when I was little because I looked so much like Shirley Temple!!"


But I've been strangely without my camera. And strangely incoherent, incohesive. Regathering for this touring coming up, and the next creative explosion. I can feel it.


So, here, my pictureless journal! Sometimes the pictures in my imagination are way better anyway.


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