In the gloaming

Last night we had the prettiest sunset in a while. from our window, safe, cozy and warm. Kind of like a promise.


My husband made the cutest wreath out of the cutoffs from the bottom of our tree. And I found my stocking from when i was a kid. We had to rig it with wire, up over our metal door, and hook it around the lock on the other side. It's a city wreath!


We brought out the same ornaments we've carefully packed away each year we've been together (12 now!!).... construction paper creations of Pat's kids. I was joking yesterday that you could probably say a lot about how someone turns out by how they glue cotton balls to cut-out sheep....

Lily was generous with the cotton...


But Alec gave his lamb great big sturdy construction paper feet.


Lily did great with the yellow yarn hair and smily angel face and pipe cleaner halo.


Alec went all out with the glitter. Obviously one of the mavericks of the bedazzling movement.


I'm not sure who made Santa, but every year I pull these ornaments out of the box I am so happy they survived and thrilled to know these incredible "kids" that I did not bear but am lucky enough now to truly love.


Lily's ballet ornament from grandma, 1991


Alec's baseball moose ornament.


Lily's needlepoint charm


I will have to knit up a couple of charms somehow for my husband and me! Then the tree will be complete.


Hoping you all are with loved ones and getting the fine chocolate you all deserve.




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