Nurse Jonny and the Prescriptions

Well, the doctors, the nurses, the parents, the kids, the build a bear people, the ice cream sundae makers, the hospital movers and shakers.... all made yesterday's event super special. I really loved being there and seeing the cameraderie, warmth, and love everyone shared.


Santa came down, Rudolf was there, even Frosty came out.

that's Anthony's (he's the drummer) son Marco hanging out in the limelight. Little Joe on the other side.


There was a bear TREE almost twenty feet high!


Then we got to build our own bears too! I made a super hero Bear. His name is Walter. I'm sending him to my Niece so her gall bladder gets better.


The kids of the doctors in the band represented and played wicked good percussion on stage on "All Ya Gotta Do is Touch Me."The kids in the audience got maracas too and shook it with style.


Evan, my duet partner, was a revelation on the vocals. His wife didn't mind one bit!!

And you'll all be pleased to know, we didn't change the words, and no one seemed the worse for it!!


I met some beautiful strong kids. I'm not allowed to post their photos here, but J, and A, and S, you girls RULE!


It kinda made my day that they knew my little Peter Pan song, "I'll Try." I definitely got a little choked up on that last chorus.


Anyway, thank you soooo much to the Clapcich brothers Anthony and Bob for pulling this whole thing together, and so powerfully rooting for this little community at Children's Hospital of New York.


Happiest of Holidays, and huge hugs and wishes for health and joy.

Ho Ho Ho.


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