My New Band

Last year when I played with Glen Phillips in Montclair, New Jersey, he introduced me to a children's anesthesiologist/sometime drummer named Anthony Clapcich. Well, I love gorey details about surgery, and crazy medical stuff so I immediately started pummeling him with questions.  He expertly steered me into telling me about his band, (mostly other accomplished doctors) and the gigs they do to raise money for kids with rare diseases. He casually mentioned that Glen had done a gig with them at Children's Hospital, and they'd love me to do one if it would ever be of interest.


Well we had our first, (and only) rehearsal yesterday for our big holiday gig. We're calling ourselves "Nurse Jonny and the Prescriptions."


Our motley crew includes Left to Right, Dave Apigo - philosopher and dental student; Evan Kremin - doctor of LOVE; me - nurse Jonny; Anthony Clapcich - Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist; Jeff Nicholson - Optical Physicist.


There was just so much brain power in the room that we had to take multiple pictures to fit it all in (or it could have been that there were smoke breaks for some..)

The chartmaking ringleader came back for this shot - Dr. Bob Clapcich (yup, Anthony's big brother) - dentist (Makes "You'd Oughta Be Satisfied Now" into a whole 'nother thang!!)


And after our finale, we finally captured the elusive, exclusive, enigmatic bass player - Andrew Harkin, second from the left.

If I were a more accomplished photographer,  I would have photo-shopped us all into one, and added elf hats and holiday decorations, but alas, it's all I can do to make the camera take automatic shots.


Anyway, these guys are awesome musicians in addition to their impressive real jobs. And they worked tirelessly to learn my less than obvious chords and quirks. Needless to say, we will rock Children's  Hospital, and I'm thrilled they asked me to be a part of such a cool tradition.


I think all the kids are going to get Maracas so they can get down with us on "All ya Gotta do is Touch Me"


I wonder if we should change the words for the occasion?? Help me, Jesus.


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