Mary Karr, Mary Karr, you RULE

Have to quote her last page from "LIT:"


"Every now and then we enter the presence of the numinous and deduce for an instant how we're formed, in what detail the force that infuses every petal might specifically run through us, wishing only to lure us into our full potential. Usually, the closest we get is when we love, or when some beloved beams back, which can galvanize you like steel and make resilient what had heretofore only been soft flesh. It can start you singing as the lion pads over to you, its jaws hinging open, its hot breath on you. Even unto death."


this is after 385 riveting pages. drunk, recovered, writing, failing, falling, writing, finding faith.


then i found her reading her poetry on youtube, and then i had to rush out and find her poetry books too. how did i miss them?


and now I'm dumbstruck. how can i write a song that packs that much punch? I love you, Mary Karr. I will try.



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