Hamburg November

I love TOWER OF POWER. Once in a while I get to come along and be a wife and a fan. (My husband manages the band.)


Last week they played a ROCKING show in Hamburg, and one of the biggest delights was the young, REALLY young fans in the very front. This little boy was absolutely rapt for the whole show. His sister and brother sang along with every WORD.


The funky Doc Kupka was in fine form...


Larry Braggs whipped the crowd into a frenzy


That littlest fan even scored the setlist at the end of the night.


The next day, i got to hang out with my Rock Star friend Johannes Strate (from the band Revolverhead.) We decided we should write a hit song.


Later that evening, after dipping in to some very fine wine...


Dannie and Patrick and I started experimenting with our cameras. (You may remember Dannie, Patrick and Johannes from the incredible "feels like home" concert.


Anyway, they had seen something somewhere about exposure and flashlights and so we spent a good three hours perfecting our technique.






jb squared.


Dannie and the birds.


Johannes and Patrick waiting for Godot...


The next "feels like home" concert is December 5, so if you're anywhere near Hamburg, (Germany) -- GO!! I promise you will have an incredible, lovely, heart filling evening. If I am anywhere nearby, Johannes and I have promised to premier our new song if it's finished.




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