Pen and Brush

My friend Ronnie had her New York Debut last night in the village. (Ronnie did the piece featured on the back of "The Works.")


This one is one of my all-time faves. It's called "Attention" and is a series of nurses with the old fashioned white coats and hats.


4 choice ones...


On the way there we noticed the art on the pavement.

we call this one, "bandit bunny"


this is "derelict ducky"


here, sexy VESPA


Anyway, "Pen and Brush" is a great little gallery that exclusively exhibits work by women.


This particular exhibit was called "Home is where the ART is." There were a lot of textile pieces.

Sonja Weber Gilkey and her granddaughter in front of 2nd prize, "Les Ames En Route."


 ($45,000) woweeee.


I liked this little section of a beautiful batik piece by Lenore Fiore Mills


And this mosaic cello!


We met this other really lovely artist named Debra Friedkin. She made this piece called "Pulp SciFi" out of driftwood. We were enthralled. The wood is reaching up to engulf the spaceship. There are even one-eyed aliens in the cresh of the piece. The moon and stars figure in the background.


Debra and Ronnie, Debra actually IS a retired nurse.

the one-eyed aliens.


Of course we were starving after all the attention. So we headed off to "Whole Foods." What a nightmare. There's actually a guy working full time there walking around with a red flag to tell you where the end of the endless line is.


Even the subway was crazy. Must be Halloween. Batman was rapping with a full band!!


Although, he really didn't have the moves....

Anyway, I think Ronnie's piece rocked the whole house. I hear she's working on a new one with guy's in suits. Kinda like "Mad Men." I'm telling you all right now. Get your bids IN. She's got the GOODS.


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