Bob Clearmountain, JB, Maiysha, Mr. Bonzai, Scott Jacoby, Duncan Sheik, Kevin Killen


I got to be on a fancy pants panel about the music industry and what it's done to us all. They paired three artists with their long-time collaborators/producers. Each pair did a little sound montage as photos of us flashed by again and again.


ok so that part was like being deer caught in headlights, but the discussion was really great. We were asked about failure, about the state of the business, but mostly about producing music and records which is really what makes us ALL tick. I loved seeing my old pal Kevin Killen.


Kevin!! and Mr. Bonzai,  the moderator.


Of course, my two favorite Bobs were there. Bob Ludwig and Bob Clearmountain.


After it was over, we were on our way to grab a bite, and the ever brilliant and scintillating Juan Patino joined us. Well, it was kismet indeed... after grabbing a few snacks at a nearby bodega

(these three had my heart at "Hola") they told me they were 'the last of the Mohicans!'


we proceeded to Juan's studio to produce a little jingly hit for JC PENNEY.


of course we stopped for photo ops along the way. I mean, it did say "Juan."

terribly unwilling subject, too


Anyway, what a track, what a future we have. Too much fun, not enough jingle bells, I feel like the girl in Chorus Line once again. "Oh god, I hope i get it, I hope I get it, how many people does he need, how many boys how many girls..."


take two, this time more smile...


almost there....


that's the one, baby. 


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