Love me Still

I came across this photo in a messy pile at my mom's new apartment. I was afraid it might get tossed in her endless futile effort to "get organized." So I slipped it in my bag and photographed it before I myself have a chance to lose it.


My brothers look wise and feisty. I look scared, like I am about to cry. All puffy cheeks and merging freckles.


While I was at SQUAM I had the incredible luxury of a photo session with Denise Andrade. For me it was more about hanging out in the woods with my pixie sprite pals, and horsing around. But, Denise, sneaky one, captured a joy and ease that day. When i look back, and see early photos, remember my fear and confusion, and brittle, driven, frenzy, and then come to these gorgeous moments, I realize I have finally, blessedly grown fully into my skin.



I talked about it a little in the "Live in New York DVD." Finally not giving a crap about what people think.... how that is so hard-earned, especially given the 'mean girl' climate of civilization. Especially given seventh grade's treacherous terrain.



I saw Drew Barrymore the other day, talking about her new movie "Whip It" and how she WANTS to make those movies that families can grow from. She WANTS to talk about mothers and daughters. She WANTS to be a positive empowering FORCE. More and more, I feel like we have to be more bawdy with our energy, more generous with our LOVE. Why the hell hold back. Life's too fucking SHORT.


This note on my discussion board had me in the most grateful of tears. THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL AUNTIE!!:


"My sister and I brought her 2 teenaged daughters to One Longfellow Square last night. Just incredible. An honor to be there and what a joy it is for me to watch my nieces totally captivated and thoroughly enjoying Jonatha. A night none of us will ever forget.

Jonatha represents to these 2 girls what Joni Mitchell did to their mother and me when we were their ages in the 70s. Deeply meaningful music we knew every word to, that shaped our musical tastes, and became the soundtrack to our lives.

That the 4 of us now share a love for Jonatha's music is a gift. Thanks for that and a great evening (love the new stuff too!)"


I have this necklace that reminds me every day. Nina GORGEOUS Bagley made it. (Yup, she was at SQUAM too) And it says, simply, "Begin." What are we waiting for??

Spread LOVE.


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