knitting season

I am taking the day off to eat chocolate and knit. One of my lovely songbirds from Squam sent me the most decadent care package, complete with ballerina tulle scarf, wildflowers from her field wanderings,


and the most excellent chocolate goodies. There was a Mary Oliver poem, a beautiful bracelet, crispie hippy coffee beans, the list goes on. Thank you beautiful bird!


So here is the knitting update. I finished my decadent alpaca scarf from the wool I got at "KNIT OR DYE" in Brattleboro. I though I'd share the pictures of the very alpaca that contributed to it. I do think that's the cutest idea ever - putting their little faces on the tags. It's totally why I bought the whole bunch, I couldn't choose between Machu and Illa and Runa and Kusi!!!


could they be any cuter??


Come on now, chocolate vanilla swirl?? I'll take two.


the whole gaggle of alpaca.


And finally, the scarf!!


I also fished the aforementioned shrug disaster out of the black bag of despair - trash... (see Knit or Dye journal and Rachel's sage advice..) and lo and behold, redeeemed it, resurrected it. exorcised it into..... a lovely cozy warm COWL. And my whole day brightened. no waste, no want, and more warmth for the impending chill.

The hell shrug. God, it was only a seam away, and I almost just trashed it.


And now if I can just finish my turtleneck. Yup, it will have sleeves someday soon. I just need another hit of chocolate.

hmmm, maybe HOT chocolate and more TOAST!! 


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