I seem to acquire things as I travel. Sometimes people bring me gifts,


(lovely orange knitted purse, thank you Mary Jo)


ruby slippers, thank you Mark?


books, thank you Aimsel!


chocolate, butterfly pants, thank you H and Elizabeth! I even got a stuffed elephant once!


And then of course there is the serendipity of walking around a new town, killing time before sound check. Sometimes it's just great conversations with the locals. But sometimes there are treasures. The problem is, getting them home and then figuring out where to put everything. Just when I thought I was organized, the road trumps it every time. I almost bought a whole collection of weird aprons from the 50's yesterday. Some of them had names embroidered on the front plackets. "Muriel, Hattie, Annabel" Precious, but somehow I tore myself away. What would I do with eleven aprons?


I think I will be shoveling out for a few days here!


Meanwhile, thank you all for coming out. Times are hard, and it means a lot to me that you still make the effort when things are uncertain.


I had a delirious few days post Sweden.... played the beautiful Wilmington Grand Opera House.


they have pretty rigid policies. But what a lovely house. Awesome photos of the show byJoe del Tufo HERE


The next morning bright and early I participated in my first official 'groundbreaking' ceremony. Yup. they're building/renovating a new "WORLD CAFE LIVE" in downtown Wilmington, and it's going to be gorgeous. The "Queen" hasn't been touched since 1958 or so, ;) but a bunch of money peeps, politicians, and the ever innovative world cafe brains have committed to resurrecting this beauty.


Beautiful photos of the ceremony (Joe del Tufo, again) HERE

Can't wait to play there!


Portland Saturday was so lovely. It was a dark and stormy night, and sure enough (another first) right as I was singing "in the stench of rolling thunder, of motor trucks and vans" from 'Madonna on the Curb,' a huge thunder clap let loose. I was humbled, and impressed with the timing. esp. as I had just been talking about the "rapture" like lighting of the backstage potty.


On to Ellsworth.

where did they get THAT picture??


So many friends and family came. Thank you all. I even got more WOOL from my favorite Blue Hill Knitting pals (STRING THEORY)


Karen and Tanis dye their own wool and the colors schemes are just exquisite!!!!!!


Ok, so I have to reorganize my cupboards, re-prioritize my closets, but I wouldn't change a thing!!


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