New Hampshire, Malmo, NYC


So my last two shows at Tupelo were wicked pissah fun. Elizabeth and Boom Boom and Forrest came down from SQUAM land.

Forrest, JB, Elizabeth, queen of SQUAM


Derek and Kyle came down from LA land


Then I whirled off to Sweden, via Brussels, via Copenhagen to play a little, sing a little on Ms. Nolwenn Leroy's INCREDIBLE new record. Teitur Lassen has been concocting the most gorgeous mix of intimate, quirky, romantic, expansive beguiling arrangements and musicians. It was inspiring to step inside this little world in Malmo and feel this record finally finding its voice and home.


His longtime pal and engineer/mixer Jonas was brilliant at the helm...

Jonas, Teitur, JB


It was Nolwenn's birthday while we were there, and the boys put streamers everywhere, Teitur made traditional buns and hot chocolate, and Annika rocked up the most amazing dinners!



Birthday Nolwenn/Alice!!


 Nolwenn's new Swedish birthday clogs!!


The most incredible quartet of string players came the first day. They played on one of the songs I wrote, and had us all waltzing around in tears. Lush, romantic.... oh my.


The second day, we tried some clustery background vocals. Jury's still out on that idea!!


During one break we realized that we had a red head a blond and a brunette, and that we actually were CHARLIE's aka TEITUR and JONAS'S ANGELS.

Maybe we have a future as singing, cooking, dancing spies.


It broke my heart to leave. Although I've got some killer gigs this week. Delaware tonight, Amagansett, NY, Portland, ME and Ellsworth, ME!! yeeehaw.


Bon courage Nolwenn and Teitur. Bonne Anniversaire.

 Bye Bye.



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