Brattleboro was so peachy yesterday. They have an incredible food co-op, and an even more fabulous knitting store. Rachel and I hung out for the afternoon. She told me two things, that I plan to carry with me.


1. "You don't want to stifle the yarn" Yarn is a living breathing thing. Of course it needs to express iteself.


(I bought a bunch of local alpaca because there were little pictures of each alpaca that contributed to your skein, right on the label. With their little names right there. Too friggin' cute)


Machu, and Illa, Runa and Kusi. Yummmmmm


 2. "If it just ain't working? Black bag it." She and I were commiserating about a godforsaken worthless, pain in the ass shrug experience. In the end we both just threw the yarn AWAY. Too much DRAMA for a dumb shrug. sheesh.


Then, arriving at the theatre for soundcheck. What could be better, JB and Cinderella, a co-bill!!

Heaven. The cutest theatre ever. And their main attraction is youth theatre. I swear there were pictures of me and all of my SQUAM pals when we were younger....

there's me in OLIVER


Jen Gray begging for soup


Swirly, getting into trouble as usual


Elizabeth, already branstorming about this incredible arts retreat thingie she wants to create.


Me and Jen and Denise, dreaming away.


ok, there were some mean girls too.


Even Paul found a couple of new pals.


On to Londonderry, oh doooo come down. two shows and too much fun. I promise.


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