my Squam lovies, Jen, Denise and Thea


This happened last year too. I missed Squam so badly I went into a kind of withdrawal. It's hard to find words for what happens there. Really.


But luckily this time, I didn't even have time to think. I got right back out there on the road.


Went right to Boston to do a benefit for the PASSIM archive project. thank you all who support this incredible effort.


Then, a couple days catching up with my mom. She's cracking me up lately. I can hardly write down the zingers as fast as she's coming up with them.


Then...the Listener concert at WUMB last night was such a pleasure. From my very early days traipsing around Boston with Jennifer, Dick Pleasants was 'the voice.' the classy guy on NPR who i just kept hoping would listen to our demos and give us a break. Well, the rest is history, but it was incredible fun to trip down the roads of all the albums and the stories and the songs with him. Thank you all who support UMB, keep it coming, because without them, I'd still be cleaning houses!! I love you Dick!!!


Montpelier today was beautiful as always. the leaves are just giving up the green. We found a knitting store,


Paul found a fabulous new hat


And we found out why the sound man crossed the road...


DUH! for another hit of double caramel macchiato at the Common Grounds Coffee House.


Oh yeah, we were there to do a radio show at the beloved WNCS


But it's become superhero radio!! Spidey was at the helm. We had such a dreamy session.


thank you Zeb!!


Lebanon, NH is tonight. come on over. I've got CHOCOLATE. Show is at 7:30. 'Nuff said.


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