Songbirds 2009

So you wanna write a song???


My hat is OFF to all of the 2009 Squam songbirds. You were awesome, brave, fun, super creative, and just a plain f@#$%^ing DELIGHT.


I will treasure our day together.


Some highlights...

 Catrina and "Boom Boom"


We patented a new Squam songwriting method called "Lover's Lane." No, there was no hanky panky. We found that inspiration came quickly when we were listening to our song assignments in parked cars.


Maureen and Liz....

Kellen and Melissa


Boom Boom and Catrina actually drove around New Hampshire when they were working on their "Chick Hit Song" because they don't like sitting still.


Anyway, I can't wait until next time. Keep singing, and remember, we ARE the champions.

Nice songbirds...


naughty songbirds.


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