seriously serious

So interesting to see three photographers work in a week's time. I have fun being phtotographed usually but sometimes I get tired of myself! As much as I've gotten used to it over the years, it is hard to remember to stop tweaking my mouth, not to look down, not to frown into the furrows between my eye brows. But I've been so lucky (well except for one AWFUL experience) to work with really lovely artists, sensitive to the vulnerabilities inherent in the relationship.


Lately it's strange to see myself aging. I feel about twelve most of the time, so it's seriously a suprise sometimes to see a WOMAN staring back at me from the pictures.


There was a big kerfuffle going on in many of the European mag rags about actors and botox and aging. A sort of retreat from perfection, that I hope is coming into vogue!! Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz were bemoaning the loss of expression so common in hollywood. Sticking to their guns as it were. Me too.


But it doesn't make it simple. I don't think life was quite so photographed before. It's so easy now, and free. And everything is instant.

although I couldn't get a decent shot of this photo, it's by John Brook.


Somehow my parents took the time to find a really great photographer and have some fabulous shots taken of the family growing up. These were not your average christmas card shots. I still see this expression in myself sometimes. It seems quintessential to me. There will always be this very serious six year old in my arsenal.

Linda Hansen photo, copenhagen


steven haberland photo,  Hamburg.


sara hertel photo, portland, OR


Thank you all for getting at the root of things!


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