Grateful Friday in London

London is always a trusty old friend. I've had a breather here, a moment to re-cap the whirlwind that was Germany and Denmark. And I'm just grateful. And feeling oh so lucky to have met such wonderful spirits along my way.

Tine Faber from the ElbJazz picnic.


Sunset, ElbJazz.


While I was in Copenhagen, I had a minute to have breakfast with my old pal Linda Hansen. 

Linda has taken so many photographs of me over the years. She has basically taken most of the 'official' pictures of me since Steady Pull. Ten years of documenting my goings on! She did all the gorgeous varied 'back in the circus' photos. She did the pictures on 'careful what you wish for.' It has been such a rich friendship, and I am such a fan of her work, her steady eye, and incredible artistry. Here's one she took the last time I was in Copenhagen.


I am also grateful for more peaceful, lazier days in London. The sun has actually held out for 20 minutes at a time. I've had lovely dinners with old friends and husband, slowed my pace a little until the next week of challenges.


I am off to Houston Texas when I get home, to continue working on new songs with Joe Sample. Yes, JOE SAMPLE. We are working on an incredible musical that he has poured his heart, history and soul into. Again, I am grateful. What a lucky girl. To work with such a brilliant musician and songwriter. I mean, for goodness sake, he wrote "One Day I'll Fly Away" and "When Your Life Was Low" and "STREET LIFE!!!" To have known him for so many years now, and to have been graced with his playing on two of my records now? Wheee


In the meantime, I'll keep haunting my FAVORITE place in London. Negozia Classico. I don't tend to eat much red meat, but whenever I am here I get their hanger steak with the fresh rocket and parmesan, incredible Italian wines by the glass, and of course, DECADENT chocolate fondant to finish it off. What could be better. Well, ok, and they make the most wonderful cappucino in London.


Yes, grateful. 


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