women in (e)motion??

Well, the sun won out on our way to Odense. There were magical hopeful cloud moments all day. (that was saturday, where did the time go?)


The Fynske Landsby couldn't be a more beautiful venue, once we drove in and I saw the windmill and all the ancient thatched roofs it all came back to me.


arena seating!


I played here with Joe Cocker a few years ago. What an incredible place to see music.

jasper, my sound man.


And the weather held. It was chilly at night but clear and gorgeous. And what a treat to hear Tina Dickow again. She is really really great.

 Tina backstage.


Her band too, are the perfect compliment, crisp harmonies, and exciting dynamics. Thank you Odense and Tina for a perfect night.


amazing rapt audience


I even had a chance to do a little knitting before the show!!


Laila and Irene! comparing notes.


Back to Hamburg for the "jazz picnic." Tina and Nina, our hosts put together the most amazing day of music, movies, deejays, fun in the sun by the water. All in the hopes of creating a jazz festival for Hamburg. This was just a taste for the community to see how chill, how fun, and how important, again this kind of synergy can be. People seemed to love it. There was a little boy who just couldn't get enough

great chill music, people just stayed all day and picnicked in the sun.


(Tina's daughter hannah, hanging out backstage. She did over 100 cartwheels... that was just while I was watching. Phew!!)


I got to play just as the sun was putting it's final romantic touches on the water and buildings by the stage. Ooh la la.


Yesterday was Bremen. It has been almost six years since i saw Volker and Arne. And it was just like yesterday. what a treat.

They have been hosting these shows and their corresponding radio broadcasts since.... the 70s, (when they were 12!)



Volker, JB Arne


I wasn't quite sure how to take this description, I was concerned that it might make me sound a little unstable... ;)


The theatre is in the tiny old part of Bremen, gorgeous tiny alleyways, perfect little bars and restaurants.

 a fountain here


something enchanting around the next corner...


i had a lovely time in the packhaustheatre.


sweet sweet stage. They have theatre and revues there normally, so it was all I could do not to borrow the drag queens' boas, glitter eyelashes and platform shoes from backstage.....


Back to Hamburg, it DOES feel like home!! All my swans in a row


thank you thank you all, I'll be back very soon.


I miss you already!! (girl at the Oldenburg train stop on the way to Copenhagen.) 


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