love love love love

even before i started drinking my lovely montepulciano, the city became more wonky and magic. hamburg. my new love!


sis boom bah




 painting in the bar at the hotel


There is a vibe here. of artists and poets and chefs and actors and musicians, all of a kind, thinking outside the box, and outside of just what I can get for ME. It was distilled into a perfect night at the 'feels like home' concert.


It benefited an amazing cause, called the 'Jamliner.' A bus filled with instruments and recording gear for projects with kids in underprivileged places. What a great idea.


So now I am now a huge goober fan of anything Johannes and Danni will do in the future. And now I am an UBER huge goober fan of the two other singer/songwriters they brought to Hamburg for the show. Ian Axel and Greg Holden were absolute REVELATIONS. OMG, I was enchanted, moved to tears, moved to giggles. It was a ridiculously fun night. I only wish I could have understood the two writers who were there reading from their new work. Alas, I will try for next time. I have my little german dictionary on the train with me here. Meanwhile, some photos from the magic night.

 Johannes "va bene"


that gorgeous 'feels like home' dove


greg holden backstage


ian axel, furrowed


ian axel happy


ian, greg, jb


greg on stage, it was 100 million degrees!


denise and daniel tobias etzel, one of the authors (blurry)


ian and greg singing together


final bow, Danni, Greg, Johannes, JB


my new pal, Nova. She is very involved in an artists movement against child pornography.


I stole ian's ukelele for a moment back stage, and started writing a song, that now, alas, i can't finish until i find another ukelele. maybe there is one in Odense. But how do you tune a ukelele??


Alas, I had no time for pictures in Copenhagen. The train was late, the taxi driver was mean, the show was wicked fun, and then there was late night curry and troubled sleep and another train to catch. Thank you Brett Perkins!!


Odense tonight. I can't wait to hear Tina Dikow!


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