Hamburg feels like home.

So, this guy Johannes,

who is the front man, singer, songwriter for a very successful band here in Germany ("Revolverhead") decided he wanted to start doing some collaborative kinds of shows, find some under the radar kinds of songwriters and bring them to Hamburg for his new series "Feels Like Home."


"feels like home" little bird.


He and his business partner Dani were in New York last April and happened to run across Greg Holden in a tiny East Village Club.

Many hours and beers later, Ian Axel

got up on stage and equally knocked him out. The first cast of characters started to take shape. The gig slowly found a venue, a date, some sponsors, and a LOT of press. The buzz was on.


A few weeks ago, Johannes added me to his wish list. Turns out "Plumb" was big on his list of fave albums.


We all arrived in Hamburg yesterday, a gorgeous last blast of summer. 

Ian, JB, Greg


we all traipsed over to "Balcony TV" to do a little impromptu balcony singing right on the Reeperbahn. Only in Germany!!

the link for my little song will be up some time on Friday I think....


there was cool art on the wall,

on the floor

Our hosts were awesome, especially given the sliding set list!!

(Johannes' t-shirt is part of an anti-cutting campaign that his band got involved with....)


Later, our incredibly generous hosts took us to the most swinging hot spot restaurant in Hamburg. It's called "Bullerei"

and the chef, Tim Malzer took ultra good care of us (the grilled black Pork? to DIE for) YUMMMMMMMM


We also met a beautiful German actress there.

Nova Meierhenrich


She coerced the kitchen into making us her favorite chocolate dessert. Girl after my own heart!!


Thank you so much all, I can't wait to sing tonight.

Johannes, Dani, Patrick the trusty cameraman and roommate




Nova's beautiful green bicycle.


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