After Roseburg, we decided that the loser who had cut the concert short must have just been looking for his BONG. He'd left it somewhere in a cooler in the park and was just trying to get someone to find it for him. We've been told they have the dude in custody, as he made another call from his cell phone shortly after the bomb threat. They cornered him at the mall. What a doofis.


We moved on to Portland where we had a fabulous day. We started at KINK fm, with a listener concert hosted by Dennis Constantine, the program director there. Rich loved the color coordinated drums and art.


I loved the disco ball and shameless sponsor plugs. (by the way, I DO adore Audix microphones. Swear to god, I use the Audix VX-10)

Ben readies his arsenal.


Thanks to Dean and Dennis for the support.

dean, dennis, jb.


On to the ZOO. We got lucky because right before the show started the annoying drizzle totally let up. And - another first - the opening act was a BALD EAGLE. Swear to god, we all stood on the side of the stage as this enormous eagle swooped in and grabbed dinner right from his handler's arm. (not sure if the mouse was already dead... but he is now) Awe inspiring.


What a fun show. We plugged the new baby elephant. And hopefully didn't keep any early-to-bed type animals awake. Thank you Portland, you will always be top of my list.


On to Sand Point IDAHO. We didn't have a chance to do any swimming. The weather was a bit temperamental, in fact there was a full on monsoon right after our perfectly sunny soundcheck... weird.


It was actually raining sideways for a stretch there. But my name tag on our trailer turned into some great art!


And I got to do a little radio stint with Glen at KPND

(Thanks for playing "Taste of Danger!")


We got a little goofy during the broadcast, and somehow got into thai food, - made up our own new kind of curry right on the spot... "Some-dumb-pop-song-masaman" and then my knight in shining armor, body guard, driver for the day, was kind enough to take me to the fab thai restaurant in town and rustle me up some curry. Thanks Frank, and Tony in the kitchen!

me and Frank


I have to say, we have come across some of the nicest people EVER on this little road trip. Sand Point, you RULED. Hospitality above and beyond, pro sound, great food...our stage manager "RUG" even bought me a Sand Point Festival fleece as the temperature plummeted and I couldn't get warm!

 Rug ( although I called him Sissel, seemed more personal)


Next stop? Seattle. the backdrop at the triple door is so beautiful I had to take everybody's next publicity shots after sound check.


wouldn't YOU want these guys in your band? Whynot Jansveld, above


Ben Butler!


Rich Mercurio


LOVE the Triple Door. Thanks all who came down. It was really hard coming home yesterday, so sad not to have 100 more gigs. The more I do this, the more I appreciate these gentlemen who schlep around with me. Travelling is far from glamorous, in fact, some days it's just plain grueling. But they never whine, I never have to worry that they've got my back, and they are just beautiful musicians and beautiful MEN. Thank you Paul Mitchell,

(Paul, my incredible sound man for a gazillion years now)


Whynot Jansveld, Ben Butler, and Rich Mercurio. you always make my DAY.


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