San Francisco, Santa Rosa

I love San Francisco. My favorite coffee is here.Blue Bottle. It's a science, it's an art, it's a passion, it just tastes amazing.


 Even the breakfast, the perfect brioche filled with bitter cherry preserves, the perfectly poached eggs on enormous perfect toast. I think you get the picture.


There's just a fabulous vibe in this city. I immediately let down my guard. The fashion is a little more funky, the attitude a little more open, many kindred spirits.

some musicians  i met.


doooo wop.


And then there's Santa Rosa. I got to do a wicked fun on the air three song shebang with Katie from the KRUSH radio station!!

I realized AFTER our Marilyn pose over the air conditioning grate, that she actually does have a Marilyn Tattoo on her chest!! Woweee.


Katie and JB


Then i was lucky enough to do a concert by a tiny lake at a place called Latitudes. It was sponsored by KRSH. What a blast. My bird friend 'Bucky' helped with the choreography.

he just stayed out there posing for most of soundcheck, so i told him i'd put him in the journal. ( this lake was right behind the stage. who knows what else was going on out there while I was singing.)


When the flocks of geese started flying over, I understood why the goose poop flecked canopy was so gracefully shielding me.


Thanks so much to everyone at KRSH for  a wicked fun day and evening. it couldn't have been sweeter.


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