photo booth love

That's why I can't wait to play at the living room again. Besides the intimacy and immediacy, the incredible low key vibe and lack of pressure....there is an old fashioned picture booth.


I only got to play there for three weeks so far. But every week, I accosted my friends, husband, and made them sit in the booth with me.



jb/lauren kinhan


jb/peter eldridge



There is something so freeing about these booths. I love the blown out lighting. And the dorkiness it demands. One of my very favorite picture series of all time is one I found of my mom and dad before they were married. My mom had brought a couple of silly hats. When she sent the photos to my dad, they were narrated with a kind of love poem, a running commentary that is the only time I've known her to show that kind of romance and abandon. I rescued the photos from a pile of papers on the floor last time I was visiting her. It is now my treasure. A reminder of who she was.

Off to Santa Rosa, Roseburg, Portland, Sand Point ID, and Seattle.



 do come out and play with us.


p.s. we're doing  KINK live in studio thingie on the 12th at 1pm in Portland. All right now!!


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