The big cook off.

My husband loves to cook. He calls himself chef 'boy oh boy.' He keeps it to simple, rustic fare, but once you've had his risotto with caremelized onions and sage, or his poussin with a pomegranate reduction? You won't want anything else. I married him for his pasta sauce.


One of our oldest friends, Tommy Lipuma has a beautiful place outside the city. Tommy signed me to my very first two record deals. And I still play my records for him for his well tuned responses. Well, once in a while we drive out to his house, cook, drink great wine, and generally savor a nice summer day with his family. It was my husband Pat's turn to cook, so he decided to try out this old recipe from outside of Montreux Switzerland yesterday. Rabbit stew. With polenta.


We also invited one of the best chef/restaurateurs in the city to come take a day off and let us cook for HIM. We are huge fans of Giuseppe Bruno's restaurant "Sistina" and now his new one, "Carravagio" so, I don't know if my husband was nervous, but I was. Well, everything tasted AMAZING. (I am the sous chef, I am only qualified to chop, peel, and clean up.)

a little of my handiwork


some wine we just couldn't resist.


chateauneuf du pape, pourquoi pas?


Pat Giuseppe and Tommy


early stage rabbit in the pot.


Polenta to DIE for. Crispy onions and extra gruyere on the top.


Oh my, I just couldn't stop eating.


And even the kids loved the polenta!

Can we have some more please?


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