GRIT TV, jingle land

Years ago I did a radio interview/visit with Laura Flanders on Air America. It was one of the most thoughtful, intelligent and fun exchanges I've had.



The more I traipse around the world, whether it's radio visits, concerts, TV, press interviews, the smaller this world gets. The reassuring part is that the people who consistently do really good work, who are conscientious, smart, and steady keep turning up in cool places. Laura is one of those lovely surprises.


Yesterday when i got to GRIT tv to do an interview about "The Works" and to play a couple of tunes, there she was. I've gotten so busy, that I hadn't kept track of where Laura might be. But sure enough, it was another easy, smart conversation, and I got to perform again in a place that felt like-minded and unimpressed with fluff! You can see the interview HERE.


Then, last minute call, potential jingle gig... I flitted over to Big Foote Music. They are one of the coolest music houses in the city here. They always treat me great, they have incredible musicians on staff

Darren at work.


 Drum world.


and yesterday they had a cute new dog as greeter.

Big Foote MAX


 Again, especially with the music world as topsy turvy as ever, it's incredibly heartening to be able to work with people who keep it REAL. Thanks Kari!!

Kari, ensconced in music land.


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