Worrying about your performance?

"worrying about your performance?"


(I accosted this poor guy at a construction site today and asked if i could take his picture. he didn't understand a word of english, which made his shirt even funnier. He wouldn't hold still, but I just loved his face.)


I realized today that I must have been really nervous about these gigs with the band. I've been playing solo for the past couple of years, and I've gotten really comfortable with that. (and I've also been able to pay a few more bills) But transitioning back, and rehearsing and shaping the new songs into arrangements that will sing has been a lot of work.


Well last night it was all worth it.  I do so love rocking it out a little more when I've got the power of beautiful musicians behind me. Big kudos and love to the boys, Rich Mercurio, Richard Hammond and Ben Butler

Richard and Ben


 Mimi and a smidgen of Rich. Mimi was the band mascot.


After our big gig last night at Madison Square Park, (couple of photos HERE) I finally felt that blissful happy contentment of work well done, and rewards received. The audience couldn't have been more wonderful, the weather couldn't have been better. It was one of those evenings when once again, I could have wept with gratitude for the love of what I do.


Thank you soooo much also to WFUV for their support for the last few days, it's practically been Jonatha Brooke week over there!! And John Platt was super cool to come introduce us last night. Oh, I am a lucky girl.

Darren Devivo and JB, yesterday morning.


Ben and Richard in the studio.


Thank you thank you thank you, all who made yesterday so unforgettable. 


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