Purple Thumb

My husband and I brought home two jasmine plants and a little rosemary plant from the farmer's market two summers ago. We figured, how hard can this be? water, sun, air. We'll bring them in during the winter. I can sing to them, plants like that, right?


Well it didn't take long for us to kill our first rosemary plant. And they're the ones that are supposed to be really hardy and doofis proof. Were we overwatering? Underwatering? Was I singing the wrong songs?

Our brave new hope


This spring, although the jasmine plants had pretty much succumbed to our incompetence too, we put them outside and prayed for a miracle. Just this week, unbelievably, two little flowers poked out, and there's a whole new world of leaves. We quickly bought a new rosemary plant so they wouldn't feel like anything had really changed.

good thing we don't have pets!


And so, on to our experimental tomato! so far so good.

Maybe it was all that June rain. We didn't even have to think about watering.


And this morning? More rain. But hopefully that means it will be beautiful tomorrow for our big Madison Square Park gig. 7pm, hope you can come. (and thanks all for the support at the living room last night. so fun working out the kinks among friends)


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