sneaky gigs and Okemah, OKLAHOMA

We've got a couple of low key little hang gigs coming up at the Living Room in NYC the next three Monday nights, it's been so long since I've played with the boys.... I got all choked up in rehearsal on Monday because I just love them so much.

Rich, Whynot, Ben, JB


The BIG GIG is July 22nd in Madison Square Park. It's a gorgeous place right at 23rd and Madison. And they're putting on a very cool series of summer shows. We will rock out around 7pm. Bring the family, bring a picnic...


Yesterday Paul Mitchell (beloved sound man/tour manager) and I  flew into Oklahoma City, then drove to Okemah, Oklahoma, home of the annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.


Now I've never even been to Oklahoma before, so it is a little bit of culture shock. I am a little groggy without my usual quadruple espresso.


But you can't beat the welcome. Paul Mitchell and the welcome sign.


Last night we tried the local wine. Corner of Woody and Elm.



With a catchy little hook:


Today has been dramatic with biblical cloud moments and crazy thunder and lightning waves.


We found some cool stuff downtown


Paul needed sunglasses.


We looked harder for some coffee.


But mostly found incredibly lovely, friendly people, psyched to have us coming through town.

Outside the Brick Street Cafe.


Come on down if you're around these parts. It's going to be FUN. And I promise I'll try to make Woody proud. Here comes the rain. Glad we made it in in time!


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