so long okemah

All I can say is, there was a LOT of love in this room on Wednesday night. The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival draws some of the most generous, lovelyest, singingest, kindest, wonderfulest people EVER. (i think that's how Woody would have said it. ;)


And it's free. Everyone is there for the love of Woody, so you can imagine the reception for these new Woody songs, right there in his home town.


Deana, who somehow organizes the whole shebang was a joy.

Deana and Baxter, cutest puppy ever.


 Her husband, the fabulous emcee rocked the evening.


My security detail was entertaining AND fierce!


Even Paul, my sound man and tour manager felt his roots stirring here at the Crystal Theatre.

We even had time for a little sightseeing.


We went to the Grape Ranch vineyard!


Had lunch at the very storied Brick Street Cafe. It has its own WALL of Woody!


Wall of Woody below


And  I met a real HUNK, Bubba. I just love his green earrings with that gorgeous black coat.


His girlfriend Jolene did NOT like the competition.


I just want to thank EVERYBODY who works so hard to make this festival happen. I know I didn't get everybody's name down, but I certainly have you all in my heart.


THANK YOU!  I had a BALL. I'm so sad to miss the rest of the weekend. I'm  back in New York finishing up my new Tinkerbell ditty.


But it's been soooo good to know ya!


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