In the year 1880, on the fourth day of July, in the city of Lancaster, a group of men of German origin met and organized a Singing Society to be henceforth known as the LIEDERKRANZ.   The object of this organization was to meet fraternally, sing and preserve native songs and music as well as perpetuate social customs of the Homeland.

Well, I just happened to walk by the New York Liederkranz building on July 4th this year. I was smitten by the statue, and so came home and looked

it up.

"We welcome membership applications from all persons of good will age 21 years or older. If you wish to join ask for an application from a member or at the club bar."

Who knew? They even have a BAR!! I just may apply.

With this jolly news and all of my good will, I trekked back over to Brooklyn yesterday to keep working on my new Tinkerbell song.

Ben Butler came by to add his gorgeous electric  guitar genius.

There are so many pedals in guitar land. I, (of course during the technical down time,) couldn't resist photo opps with my favorites... although Ben hadn't brought "The big Muff" or his "Wah Wah"

He did have the "cry baby"

And the 'equalizer' (makes everyone feel right at home. ;)

 The "BOSS" tuner: For the control freak in us all...

tremolo always comes in handy in bridges!

And every song needs a HOOTER!

Ok, so we had too much coffee, and it was a gorgeous sunny day, there was giddiness.

And Ben's magic "ebow"

Ben Wittman at the controls. (notice poster of airplane cockpit - Ben also has his pilot's license for quick getaways)

Anyway, Tinkerbell is really starting to FLY. The song is called "It's Love that Holds Your Hand." sniff. Always a good sign when a new song makes me a little weepy!


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