yarn and fireworks

So I had the lazy opportunity to finish up a few knitting projects! I had started a complicated cably, gazillion stitch dress.... and then gotten the back almost finished before I realized it was just ridiculously mis-sized. ARGGHGG. So some lovely, way-smarter-than-I knitting geniuses at Squam had advised me to just make it into a skirt, mini dress, something to take away the agony of all the work that seemed to be for NOTHING.


So... voila! My new cable tube skirt with sexy shoelace detail.


Quilt in the background? by my UBER talented sister in law, Lesley Brody Nelson (yup, the one I met and chose for my brother when I was ten) Journal archives


Then I pieced together a troubled little tank top


this one was fraught with mistakes. but I cheated and fudged, and so far you can't tell!


Then, a crunchy chunky wool 'wife-beater' experiment. Not bad.

Although it's kind of weird to have something that chunky in a summer pattern. hmmm. This one may have to be turned into a scarf come fall....Mostly feels good to HAVE some finished goods!



And then, FIREWORKS!!


How lucky, didn't even have to leave home. And I got a show! It's funny, when you travel as much as I do, I cling to my home time. I live in this vibrant crazy city, and yet, I'd rather just be home with my love and my idiosyncratic habits. So it was a fireworks, fine red wine and knitting kind of 4th of July for me!!


Now, if Federer can just pull off this 15th grand slam win.... I'll knit him an angora tennis racket cover!!


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