My New York

It's the big July 4th weekend here in New York, but the city feels empty. Lots of people just clear out on Wednesday night! That's when I like staying here. I love the city when it's quiet, no traffic, no tempers. It's a kinder gentler place.


There are new exploding colors in my conservatory garden.


I never get enough of the pink


I came across a statue of Dewitt Clinton (any relation?) just nearby.


Nice boots!


The hard part is actually slowing MYSELF down.


There IS Wimbledon! I have to admit I am an UBER Roger Federer fan. He and Bjorn borg are the only 'performers' I've ever been kind of goofy over. When I was a kid, I would never leave the room if Borg was on tv. I was so superstitious I thought that I just might jinx things for him if I budged from my spot. So I'm all Roger now.


But there are so many books I've been waiting to crack open.


So many gorgeous piles of wool, just waiting to be concocted into new delectables.

And still so many things left unfinished from the week.


I love my new Tinkerbell song, and want it to be perfect, I want to finish the six other songs in my crockpot, there is laundry, paperwork.... where did this guilt come from that keeps me from just chilling?


So today, I will just try to find some kind of balance between should and can and will. Grateful that these are today's biggest challenges!


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