One plus one equals EVERYTHING

I've been walking around the city a lot this week. Walking is always a sure fire way to stir up some new melodies, and New York is never lacking for vivid stories along the way either.


On the way home yesterday I stopped at one of my favorite all time sanctuaries in the city. Thankfully it wasn't raining. (it has rained here 18 out of the last 20 days, arggg) Today is no exception.


The Conservatory Garden is the most peaceful unspoiled spot I know. There is an expansive green entryway with full on fountain, and gorgeous trellacy walk behind it.


There is a little grown over hideaway lane with benches and cool shade.



On the left as you walk through is a perfect ever changing explosion of flowers and loveliness.




And in the center of that beauty is a little lily pad pond with a sculpture of a piper boy and a girl holding a bird bath. Often there are small marriage services going on there in the summer. Sweet families gathered in the labyrinth.



One of the things I love the most is the benches scattered throughout.


Most of them have sweet dedications attached on brass plaques. I imagine if you donate to the upkeep of the garden, (not sure what it would cost) you can be forever remembered by ponderers and those who stop to rest.


Here are my three faves:

 I'd love to know Martha and Alex's story. My husband and I have our own secret catch phrases. They always bring us back to each other, even when we're cranky or disagreeing. I imagine 'one plus one' was Alex and Martha's way to snap each other out of a fray. I think I'll add this to my arsenal.


One plus one DOES equal everything.


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