my mom's DUMP dollhouse and big wheel.


OK. Maybe you all have already heard, but just in case.... DOLLHOUSE, the controversial Joss Whedon show on FOX,  got picked up for next year. Fox has officially ordered another 13 episodes. This season was definitely a rollercoaster, but I'm IN. Just when you think Joss Couldn't push any envelope any further, he finds a way.


Strangely, when I was visiting my mom just  a week ago, she must have had some sort of telepathic inkling. She brought home a dollhouse from the DUMP. We couldn't talk her out of it. She just wouldn't leave it there in case my brother's kindergarten class could use it. And of course, the broken big wheel would have been lonely......I should have known it was a sign.


Mom's "shopping" habits are legend. One Christmas, I got a broken fondue set and a stained leopard pillow case that she found at a yard sale. She's also been known to re-gift those temporary flip flops they give you when you get your toe nails painted. What can I say, she grew up in the depression.


She is starting to forget things. This visit, she was convinced she had never seen me sing before, so she decided it was high time she got to one of my concerts. That was tough. She has been to many, many concerts, and she, (and my dad when he was alive) have always been extraordinarily supportive of my career. Even when I was a modern dancer!!


So life changes, life goes on. More and more it's the little things that matter. How we care for each other, the stories we tell. Laughing through it. My mom has been able to laugh through some of the most harrowing experiences. Hopefully I got that from her too.


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