Beauty Parlor

Getting my hair cut and now colored since my natural red hair is now just dull red, is a love hate thing. There are those times when something really cool happens and I walk out with purple and red and orange streaks, and I feel like a million bucks. But most of the time it's trying to find something that will last and not look too goofy on the subway! It's an investment dontcha know here in New York City.


It's also wicked uncomfortable sitting there staring in the mirror for all that time. You pick yourself apart. The lighting is always HORRIBLE, and sometimes the company is strange and unfriendly.

Well, last time it was FUN. Yoda the dog showed up and distracted us all from ourselves. And Michael Brimhall, colorist extraordinaire, and I took pictures to lighten up the mood in the place.



Michael Brimhall, JB


Yoda, JB


It's kind of like waiting rooms for me. It's all I can do not to try to rally everyone during that hellish waiting time to get up and start singing and dancing. Why not have fun? Collaborate, laugh a little in an awkward situation. It seems perfectly natural to me that people should just break into frigging SONG.


Well anyway, I got to sing later... trying out a few tunes with some BOYS I adore!


We rehearsed at the lovely Euphoria Studios, where Dave the owner is also a fab photographer. The walls are lined with the musicians that have traipsed through his halls.


Charley Drayton, now playing with Paul Simon, always STYLIN'


Brad Mehldau. Nothing to say, genius.


Joe Sample, feels like home!


Me and the boys! Rich Mercurio, Richard Hammond, Ben Butler. I've missed that sound of four people in a room!!


Off to Paris tonight to work with the beautiful Nolwenn Leroy a little more. French ideas are brewing. Hopefully I will 'receive' some brilliant songs in the magic haunted hotel that prompted "je n'peux pas te plaire!"


A tres bientot


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