May seems crueller

Personal reminder. Pick yourself up off your ass and go... Jo


What is this discontent? This seasonal restlessness? Down time amidst the overwhelming "Up Time?" Seems hard to get the gears to re-engage. I am re-callibrating for the writing time. I am writing for Disney again, I am writing for the beautiful Nolwenn Leroy, writing with Joe Sample and Marc Mantell. Writing with Mike Errico. But I am impatient with the muse.  I am waiting for the flow to return. Something about writing "with" Woody Guthrie was so painless. It was an unstoppable pace. I couldn't wait to get started each day. Where's that freight train?


It's like the first trip to the town pool before the sun has had time to really warm its waters. I keep dipping my foot in from the side, but it's still too cold. I know I just have to jump. It'll feel so good, exhilarating, especially after a couple of laps. But the little hot tub over in the corner is so much easier. I know they haven't cleaned it out in a year, it's stinky with chlorine, not really hot hot. But I could just sit a little longer....


dressing room somewhere, husband, comfort.


The single is UP on I-tunes. Look for "Taste of Danger." Gift it, blast it, talk it up!! Triple A radio seems to be embracing it so far. Crank it with the top DOWN! Come on sunshine, enough is enough!!


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