CAUTION, Girl with Guitar

Hamilton, NJ, Grounds for Sculpture. Idyllic, peaceful, gorgeous.


This really was a week to beat all. From State College, the Rubin Museum, Hamilton, Sellersville...it was a rich, rewarding bunch of gigs. And a rich week of ideas and ponderings.


Sometimes there is this crossover current, where the world at large seems to convene on themes that are my consuming passions. This was one of those weeks.


It was the week of Susan Boyle, the unlikely world wide singing sensation. A strange backhanded triumph, (ooh, even the homely girl can sing) but nonetheless a triumph. It just reinforces an idea that we all must champion. That there IS room for ALL of us to succeed. There is PLENTY to go around. Especially in a world where women can be the most dismissive and cruel to other WOMEN. (note the rolling of the eyes of the WOMEN in the audience of the tv show)


Then there was an interview with John Goodman in the Times. One more example of someone who's had a relatively lovely success, who has doubted himself every step of the way. Again, it's so reassuring to find that EVERYBODY has these insecurities. The most successful people. The ones I admire the MOST, are troubled with self-doubt, and sometimes debilitating fear. The "I suck" knob seems to spare no one. Why isn't there a manual that reminds you of this in highschool?


Then, another article about a film series championing director's late-life work. Sometimes frustrating, weird films, that were perhaps dismissed at the time, but that the world has circled back to and started to understand. We do get somewhere with age. And there's something to be said for living a long time and having that much more to SAY for it.


 Then, the incredible Jen Gray, inspiring, beautiful photographer, blogger, kindred, has started an INCLUSIVE pom pom program outside of Chicago. Apparently the whole cheerleading culture there is cutthroat and brutal. Well she and a bunch of like-minded creative chiquitas have put together a fun, alternative, rocking program. Everyone gets a part. Everyone gets to play, dance, sing, whatever. 'Bout time!!!


Some highlights from the week:

 caution, folksinger crossing, distracted by new song idea.


 crossies don't count. Hamilton, NJ Grounds for Sculpture


 girl in the peacock garden in Hamilton.

Alpha Peacock. what a poseur!!


Woman in pieces, Hamilton, NJ



Freaky passageway to:


Big bird, tiny world.


hmmm, just thinking.


Rena, our lovely hostess in headlights with her pal, Butch.


Minerva, patron saint of Sellersville.

blurry rick, jb, dan, and abby from Sellersville, i swear we were sober.


This inclusive idea of plenty is really my biggest cause these days. Another friend sent me a link to a clip of Elizabeth Gilbert talking about the expectations and treacherous nature of creativity and "genius" and her theory about how to re-frame our ways of seeing it. It's all part of the same drill. I am loving the collective conversation. Bring on the feast.


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