knitting through VA and NC

This week. what a crazed whirlwind. I though i'd re-cap with photos!


painting at the gorgeous Gravity Lounge in Charlottesville, VA. Ellis Paul came down, so fab to see him after too many years. And, oh my, what a GREAT knitting store, right down the street from the gig!


all the yarn organized by COLOR. So lovely here at the Needle Lady.


and kisses for all...

Rob Roman the third came to three gigs this week, so he gets the grand road trip prize (chocolate, red wine, and a shaky photo op!)


onto...Blacksburg, VA. What a lovely theatre the Lyric is. Super supportive crowd, incredible volunteer army. Thanks Elizabeth for a wonderful night.


james and helen in Blacksburg.

the Knitting PUG "Purl" at the fabulous MOSAIC yarn shop in Blacksburg, VA.


On to Asheville, North Carolina.

many thanks to deejay Tommy at "The River" for the support.


What an incredible crowd, great place to play, all round Town of LOVE. David Wilcox came down and hung out. Sweet music all around at the Grey Eagle.

crazy family from everywhere, who came bringing chocolate YUMMIES.


and another knitting FIND! With TWO dogs at the helm.


in front of the yarn store, "Purl's Yarn Emporium,"  in Asheville, NC


Then, onto Norfolk. After travel dramas (5am wake-up, broken plane, eight hour drive) we made it to Norfolk. Kelly Murphy and a tireless army of volunteers, musicians, and basically wonderful visionaries put on a wicked show. And threw a great party afterwards. We were getting down to the oldies at Enrico's greek restaurant. mmmmmm.


me and Kelly Murphy. Bravo!


The concert was to benefit the Tidewater Arts Outreach Program. They bring music to people who can't get to it by themselves. And as we all know, music is a powerful, healing, thing. What an honor to be part of this project.


Taking the weekend off. Love to all. Thanks for the amazing support this week. Happy Easter, passover, agnostiday, atheistparty, kwanzafunk, just celebrate!!!




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