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Just thought I'd share a few highlights of this whirlwind tour-lette so far. Tarrytown was a delight. One family rescued the beautiful Theatre there (circa 1885)  from becoming a parking lot. And now it is home for music and other eclectic performances. Apparently Kenny Loggins had just been there the night before and the audience danced the night away. We loved the hospitality, and the crowd was delicious. Claudia Marshall from WFUV came by and totally pimped out the intro!


me and Claudia 

It was incredibly great to be back on stage with Glen and Jonathan. They are just dreamy.
We drove out to Cedar Knolls, New Jersey early, and did a fabulous radio show called "all mixed up live."


Me and Joe Strelec, associate producer 


A little studio audience hung out with us as we talked about baseball, (I learned about two seam and four seam pitches.. who knew??) and music and pretty much everything in between.

Jim Monaghan, (on air host, baseball pro) and JB


It was a lovely afternoon. Thanks to all at the Original Music School for their help!
Chatham, New Jersey was a hoot. Scott, our fearless promoter cooked us home-made Moroccan chicken with couscous and crazy cookies for dessert.


It was a Presbyterian church so I did feel a little funny singing "All Ya Gotta Do is Touch Me," but no lightning bolts were thrown, and the musical director from the church was rocking along with the rest of us!


Our backstage was the pastor's little quiet room. His book was open to... you guessed it. the Prodigal Son



Thank you so much to the whole team. These are such passionate music lovers, and it's a treat to be brought in just like family.

master of merch


Annapolis, now there's a happening audience. Raring to go from the second Glen took the stage, we had a wicked pissah night. I will miss those boys terribly, and hope we can do some more shows together very soon. I'm just hoping there won't be any embarrassing you tube footage of my dancing like a crazy woman during Jonathan's Bobby Brown rap number. Must have been a full moon or something!

Glen, JB, Jonathan


healthy late night eating


Come on Charlottesville! So far we stopped at 106.1 "the Corner" on the way into town and did a little radio shebang with the ever gracious Brad Savage. I got to do a little guest deejay bit while I was there. LOVE IT!

Brad and JB


Travelling around these smaller towns really gives me a better picture of how many of us are just piecing things together as we go, for the love of it. The people in Chatham? They're not getting paid, they volunteer and help put on those remarkable shows. Same with the radio folk in Cedar Knolls. There's a wide open feeling to the music biz. No one really knows where it's going, or where the money will come from if things keep shifting the way they have been. We're all a little scared. But, thank goodness, music is still the glue. We can't live without it. We're still 'consuming' it as much as ever, maybe more. It's just a shifting dynamic. But god bless the fans who still want to be there,  because every show is an adventure. And you can't pirate THAT!


Anyway, I'm always grateful and absolutely reassured when I meet these true believers along the way. Doing it for the LOVE. Thank you all!!!


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