home's tricky recalibration

Sometimes it's just chaos after long enough on the road. I come home, and I'm in a little brain freeze coma for a bit. Everything gets dumped in the front hall, it takes a week sometimes to empty the suitcase, make the piles of laundry and gear. Put things away. Then, recalibrating my mind and body takes another stretch. There's so much extra time here, and yet, my purpose gets fuzzy quickly, I can't figure out where to start. I've gone from 100mph to reaaaalllly slooooooow,  in hours. Who am I, again? What am I doing here? And what should I do now?


chaos in my house!


So I get back to the basics: reading writing, arithmetic. I pile up receipts, figure out my losses and gains, and open up the notebooks full of middle of the night scribbles. I listen to the little M-Audio recordings of crazy on-the-run melodies and lyric ideas. There are so many songs in these weeks away. When I hit the wall, I knit, I make toast, I do the laundry. I work on advancing the next round of shows. I go to yoga and try to get my body stretched back into one working machine.

It's a strange thing this transition.

I recently got a lovely new inspiration a brand new WATERSTONE 12-string guitar from my pals at WATERSTONE GUITARS in Nashville.

I'm hoping to coax a few new ideas out of Beulah. There are always a couple of songs in a new axe.

Next week, LA! Couple of new things in the hopper, but I'll keep it under wraps until I've got something to say for real.

Til then, peace and love and chocolate to all.


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